Where to Stay in Havana? 5 Helpful Hints:

How to Find a Good Casa Particular in Havana, Cuba

When traveling in Cuba, the best value in lodgings can be found in a privately owned inn called a “Casa Particular”.  But finding a good Casa Particular can be tricky.  Various websites offer reservation services and display photos of Casas, but the feedback we’ve heard from many travelers who have used such services is disappointing.  The photos displayed on these sites can be misleading (both positively and negatively), and over-booking or bait-and-switch tactics are commonplace. The photos of Casas that we show here on HavanaVIPtours.net are presented as examples of the more than 50 pre-screened Casas available in our network. At Havana VIP Tours we offer a different style of Casa Particular reservation service – satisfaction guaranteed!

1) Stay in a Casa Particular.

At Havana VIP Tours we recommend that all travelers stay in Casas Particulares which is the Cuban term for a privately owned (as opposed to Government owned) Bed & Breakfast Inns.  Generally you’ll get higher quality service and conditions for a lower price in a Casa Particular.

In Havana, a Casa Particular can range in price from $25.00 CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos) to $250.00 CUC per room per night. Prices vary according to location, housing amenities and services, and high or low tourist season, among other factors.

2) Get Breakfast Included.

Breakfast is not widely available at restaurants outside of hotels in Cuba, therefore we strongly urge travelers to opt for breakfast service at their Casa Particular.  Good Casas Particulares offer food service for a modest additional fee.

3) Get a Casa Particular in the El Vedado Neighborhood.

We recommend El Vedado as our first-choice neighborhood.  El Vedado is close to to Havana’s main daytime and nighttime tourist attractions, generally speaking is cleaner and more tranquil than Old Havana and Centro Havana, and usually offers much better accommodations.

4)  Avoid Misconceptions About Staying in Old Havana and Havana Centro.

Many travelers think that they should stay in La Habana Vieja (Old Havana) or Centro Habana based on the misconception that these locations are somehow more convenient or “closer to the action”.  While the historic core of La Habana Vieja is one of the principal day-time tourist attractions, travelers lodging there generally find the area noisy, sometimes grimy due to constant restoration construction, and otherwise uncomfortable.  Centro Havana the most densely populated urban zone in Cuba so it’s accommodations are often cramped, and noisy.

As for being “closer to the action”, with a few notable exceptions, most nightlife in Old Havana is of the “tourist trap” variety, and generally closes down by midnight due to zoning restrictions. Havana is presently undergoing a nightlife boom with new privately owned bars, restaurants, lounges, and other venues opening weekly.  The vast majority of these new nighttime attractions are in the El Vedado and Playa/Miramar areas.

5) Book your Casa Particular via Havana VIP Tours – Satisfaction Guaranteed!

For a flat fee of $45 CUC we’ll pick you up upon arrival at Havana’s José Marti International Airport, and take you to a Casa that we’ve pre-screened to meet our standards as well as your preferences for cost, location, and amenities.  Just contact us with your date of arrival, how many bedrooms and nights of housing you require, your nightly budget range, any other pertinent information, and we guarantee that we’ll place you in a great casa.

Here’s how our guarantee works: If the first-choice Casa we provide you isn’t to your satisfaction, we’ll take you to up to 3 more options.  If after viewing 4 Casas you’re still not satisfied, we’ll refund your $45.00 fee.  Sound good?  Contact us!

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