Travel to Cuba by Private Plane and Yacht

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If you’re interested in traveling to Cuba by private aircraft or yacht, Havana VIP Tours can take care of everything.  We have access to a fleet of aircraft and vessels that are approved by both U.S. and Cuban authorities for travel to and within Cuba.  If you wish to travel to Cuba via your own private aircraft or yacht, we can also arrange all necessary approvals and permissions.

Dealing with high-end travelers as we do, it’s normal for us to get a lot of unusual requests from demanding clients.  We’re used to it.  But last week’s request was in a new league.  A concierge from one of the international private concierge services we work with called in a panic asking if we could pick up her clients, giving some GPS coordinates to an airstrip in Cuba as if they were a street address. “Can you send a private jet to pick them up?  Tomorrow?”

We’ve planned a lot of trips for clients using private aircraft for transportation to and from, and within Cuba.  As with private air transportation generally, it provides a level of luxury and convenience not available via commercial air.  Obviously, the flexibility to set the time of your arrival and departures  is one great benefit, but also being able to transport whatever luggage and cargo the clients want has also been fantastic.  This has proven especially true for clients who have traveled with us via ARTempoCuba for the purpose of collecting art. Instead of having to worry about crating and shipping, we’ve just loaded their purchases on their plane and sent everything with them.  Of course the same is true for the art collectors that have traveled with us via luxury yacht.

The other big benefit to private air in Cuba is being able to easily move within the country.  For most travelers, transfers between destinations within Cuba are by ground and the road trips can be long and road conditions difficult.  We’ve been able to send clients to several destinations within Cuba quickly and conveniently by air as well as by yacht.


The best thing about travel within Cuba by yacht is that the clients basically bring their lodgings with them.  We’ve created yacht itineraries for the northern coast of the island visiting the Cayos from Havana (Marina Hemingway) and Varadero, and for the southern coast of the island from Cienfuegos.

There are some limitations on private aircraft and yacht travel within Cuba.  All destinations must be ports-of-call meaning they must have Cuban customs and passport control at every airport or marina where the plane or yacht will travel.  In fact that was what the difficulty was with those clients the concierge service called us about -they were asking to be picked-up at an airstrip that wasn’t a port-of-call.  It was an problem to solve by having them chaufeurred to an international airport about 40 minutes farther away, where we had the the aircraft pick them up, and send them on their way.


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