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Havana VIP Tours Behind the Scenes at Ballt Nacional de Cuba

Practice Session of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba

Havana VIP Tours Exclusive Sit-in Practice Session of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba $300 CUC flat fee for up to 4 people. This Havana VIP Tours exclusive allows dance lovers a rare and unforgettable fly-on-the-wall opportunity to sit-in on a practice session of Cuba’s world acclaimed classical ballet company.  Our clients have been treated to […]

Organic Farm-to-Table Tour (Plus Hemingway)

Havana VIP Tours Farm-to-Table Tour $300 CUC flat fee for up to 4 people, includes guide, and chauffeured transportation. This Havana VIP tours exclusive has become very popular with foodie clients as well as those interested in Cuba’s sustainable agriculture techniques.  The tour tour takes a half-day beginning with a morning tour of a privately […]

Cuba Farm-to-Table Havana VIP Tours

Cuban Home-Cooking Lesson & Adventure

Learn to buy, prepare, cook and enjoy Cuban Food! We’ve been providing this service for our clients on a limited-trial basis, and it’s worked-out so well that we’re now ready to offer it regularly! An English-speaking expert in Cuban cooking takes you to buy the ingredients, then teaches you how to cook authentic Cuban cuisine. […]

Art Collectors’ Studio Safari with ARTempoCuba

Havana VIP Tours Exclusive Guided Tour of Cuba’s Top Artists’ Studios $300 CUC flat fee includes English speaking guide and chauffeured transportation for up to 4 participants (more than 4 participants cost varies according to type of transport and number of passengers). This 5-7 hour chauffeur-driven guided tour takes you into 3-4 private studios and […]

Cutting Edge Art in Havana by ARTempoCuba