The Rolling Stones to Play in Havana March 20/21

Will President Obama Attend?


UPDATE March 2: The Rolling Stones concert has officially been announced for March 25 at the Ciudad Deportivo in Havana.

UPDATE Feb 25:  According to our inside sources among the Cuban authorities, the Stones concert will happen.  The concert will be free for Cuban citizens, and foreigners will have to pay.  No word yet on ticket prices or venue, but the part about making foreigners pay makes the Latinoamerican Stadium even more likely.  The window of possible dates has been extended from March 21 through March 24.  Extending the time-frame makes it unlikely Obama will see Mick, Kieth & Co., but it’s still not out of the question.  Read our original post, published Feb 23, below:

La Bola, or the rumor, bouncing through the streets of Havana today, is that the Rolling Stones will play the Estadio Latinoamericano in Havana as part of their America Latina OLÉ 2016 Tour.  No Official announcement has been made so far, although the English Language website of the official official Cuban newspaper Granma made a little-noticed announcement to this effect back in September 2015.

Talks between The Stones and Cuban authorities were first announced by Spanish newspaper El Mundo shortly after Mick Jagger visited Havana in October. The Rolling Stones will be the first rock super group to ever play in Cuba.  Until now, international megastars have been unable to play here due to prohibitions on commercial activities in Cuba enacted by the United States economic embargo under the Helms-Burton Act.  The last major international act to play Havana was Colombian singer Juanes whose 2009 “Concerto Para La Paz” (Concert for Peace) touched off a storm of controversy including protests by some Cuban-American groups in Miami demanding sanctions against Juanes and his record company by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) which polices the U.S. embargo.

Thanks to President Obama’s initiative to begin the normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States, the U.S. regulations that prohibited music and film productions in Cuba have been effectively eliminated.  The White House has already announced that President Obama will be in Havana March 21-22 possibly at the same time the Stones are supposed to play at the Latinoamericano.  In fact, the President will be throwing out the first pitch at the exhibition game between the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the Cuban National Baseball Team which is scheduled for the Latinoamericano Stadium on March 22.

Havana VIP Tours has several lucky clients who will be in Havana during this historic week. We’re sending them to the Devil Rays game, and if the Rolling Stones concert does come-off, you can bet they’ll will be there too.